How to Lose Fat and Become Stronger While Traveling

Japan Edition

Lose fat traveling

For many, prolonged bouts of travel signify an inevitable regression in fitness and body composition. This fear may even be to the extent of avoiding travel altogether, as to preserve one’s hard-earned gains.

Dream Body Marketing Myth

The “dream bodyis an illusion that we’ll never achieve.

This represents an abstract idea.

Abstract will never be reached because it’s not quantifiable.

Personal Trainer

Finding a Personal Trainer is an often a first step for many wanting to begin their physical improvement journey, or to make sense of all the gym equipment at a nearby training facility.

We now live in a world where a “following” can be bought, and the six-pack physique on show is almost more likely to be a product of fabrication rather than hours of hard training and a balanced diet. If you’re not playing devil’s advocate and questioning the legitimacy of what’s around, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Gymnastics Strength Training and How it Can Benefit You

Image: Brandon Wynn (@brandonwynngym)

The Gymnastics Strength Training method has recently gained more exposure through social media and has experienced a spike in popularity.

This post will give you an introduction about what it is, and some of the benefits we can experience when training this way.

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