My Top 5 Most Popular Videos of 2017

This year has been an incredibly busy year for FitnessFAQs. After beginning the year with three full-day workshops across Australia, we worked tirelessly to bring you the Limitless Legs training program – released in August.

The website was re-launched on new VPS hosting, a brand new design and now features over 20 original blog posts. Full customer testimonials and access to our collection of training products are now easily accessible.

We’ve continued to release high quality videos on the FitnessFAQs YouTube channel, which has grown from 272K subscribers in January to 424K. An increase of +155%.

Our Instagram has also experienced a surge in engagement, with the number of followers organically growing from 38K to 84K. An increase of +221%.

Now, in case you’ve missed them – here are the top 5 FitnessFAQs YouTube videos for 2017.


#5: Advice every teen should know (13:34)

Are you a teenager or young adult beginning your training journey? If so, you don’t want to miss this. Watch early workout footage of Daniel at 16-17 years old, learn about how teens can build muscle, and our recommendation for how to structure your nutrition.

For non-teens, gain an insight into the mind of FitnessFAQs who has consistently worked at his craft for nearly 9 years.


#4: Bulletproof Your Shoulders (6:39)

Shoulder injuries sustained while training are among the most common, and can take a long time to fully recover.

Learn four exercises that can be performed 2-3 times a week to improve the strength and stability of your scapulae and rotator cuffs. Including these into your training program will reduce the risk of injury, allowing you to keep making those sought-after gains.



#3: Reverse Hyper Alternative (7:33)

If you’re working towards advanced bodyweight skills such as a front lever, back lever or planche, you’ll need the requisite lower body strength to get there.

Learn how this alternative to the reverse hyper exercise can benefit your hip extension strength, as well as your hamstrings and glutes. Regardless of your strength level, an exercise variation in this video will be invaluable for your lower body.



#2: The 10 Most Common Pullup Mistakes (6:17)

Are you more fearful of doing something incorrectly than learning how to do it correctly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Learn the most common mistakes you’ll see nearly everyone making when it comes to one of the most fundamental bodyweight exercises – the pullup.



#1: Touch Your Toes (Flexibility Hack) (6:45)

With over 1.3M views and 750 comments, this tutorial on how to touch your toes is the most popular FitnessFAQs video for 2017. Learn what is preventing you from being able to touch your toes, how to fix it and discover flexibility you never thought you had.


Stay tuned…

Thanks for everyone’s support over the last year. We have an exciting project we’re working on that we can’t wait to share with everyone in 2018. This project will not only take FitnessFAQs to the next level, but also get everyone closer to achieving their bodyweight and calisthenics training goals.