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“I can’t tell you how outstanding your programs are, especially Body By Rings with detailed videos, ebook and spreadhseets. Your programs gave me a way to put a “new to me” and very challenging workout on autopilot.
Just show up consistently, follow the program and see results.”
Ted, Email.


“The quality of the production videos is second to none, as is the accompanying text. Excellent product, excellent service, excellent value for money, and a real pleasure to work with.”
Joe, Email.


“BBR has exceeded my expectations, no bs misleading info, new exercises, tips, great examples, a lot of questions answered, quality stuff from you as always, thanks man.”
Mephist, Email.


“It’s one of a kind and the only I know of with regards to building the upper body with rings. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends.”
Matthew, Email.


“Gained a ton of muscle and strength with BBR. Authentic, genuine and scientific training facts are the foundation of this program.”
Jan, Facebook.


“Get BBR and learn a ton & get some serious gains or pay their local personal trainer who doesn’t know s*** for 2 sessions.”
Kelly, Email.


“I’ve been training with this program for 23 weeks now and I feel really good about it. My dips increased from 4 sets of 6.5 to 5 sets of 11. BBR Gives you the “hows” and “why’s”.
Fritjof, Email.


“This is the real deal guys. Dont waste your money on other programs.”
Steven, Facebook.


“The information given about training and diet are priceless let alone the actual training program.”
Col, Email.


“With your help I dropped to 185lb, worked on my diet and now showing gains.”
Delmar, Email.


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“For anyone looking for a challenge I highly recommend it sooo much quality content”
Derek, YouTube.


“Body by rings changed everything for me”
Eshank, Facebook.


“Thanks Daniel for putting the work in to create this program. Strong recommendation!”
Famuzz, YouTube.


“It’s really awesome, I really enjoiy it and see the effects in strength and overall mobility increase.”
Grucha, Email.


“Some of the most thought out, well instructed and just absolutely incredible videos.”
Josh, Facebook.


“It seems so simple but in the real is very tough and effective training.”
Mauro, Email.


“All the information you provide are worth the 67$ you charged for. I’m a 44 year old and was always curious about rings training.”
Mourad, YouTube.


“I began the training with 86kg and now 92kg. It is so clear this is a growth training!”
Naj, Email.


“I love your programs, worked my way through, amazing stuff.”
Nik, Facebook.


“Just wanted to say thanks for the program and let you know that this thing is kicking my butt.”
Cody, Email.


“I have to admit that they are great”
Norbert, Facebook.


“Amazing!! 3rd week now and already making progress.”
Pantsoffski, YouTube.


“I just wanted to express my gratitude for creating such awesome programs. I will continue to purchase each and every product you come out with.”
Petros, Facebook.


“I’ve been truly blessed to have the tools you’ve provided, thank you.”
Sean, Facebook.


“The mobility work in the program saved my wrists and shoulders – thank you”
Steffan, YouTube.


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“It’s so well designed. It’s clear how much work you put into it.”
Thisfellow, Instagram.


“Great program, I don’t regret it at all!”
Thomas, Email.


“Been using it since February and still making gains! The crazy thing is, I’m just starting phase 2.”
Jan, Email.


“I have really enjoyed every single workout I did. This was just the kind of training I was looking to achieve”
Maxime, Facebook.


“I bought BBR and a pair of rings; combined they might just be the greatest investment I’ve ever made.”
Sam, Email.


“I can tell you put a lot of time and effort to it. Everything is explained very clearly and I can see the science and reason behind it.”
Steven, Email.


“It makes it really easy to know your goals for each workout and push yourself hard enough to get better”
Jason, Instagram.


“I wish I had weighed and taken before pictures. I can definitely see a difference between now and at the start”
Walt, Email.


I have tried a lot of fitness programs with varying levels of success. This is by far the best program I have used.
Scott, Email.


The program is the most thorough thing I have ever seen well worth the deal
Greg, YT.


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After the first week I started noticing results. Now I can move my body easier and have developed muscles that were lacking before.
Seth, IG.