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“I’ve lost about 3-4kg without changing my eating at all (I eat more now) and I have grown a lot stronger”
Mark, Email.


“I feel leaner, my girlfriend has noticed my arms look bigger.”
Jay, Email.


“I have seen some very good results, in overall strength balance. This was a fun program to do.”
Stefan, Email.


“I would recommend this program to anyone as it is a great way to build strength and muscle”
Max, Email.


“It’s awesome and have been enjoying every minute! I would not hesitate to buy another program from you!”
Jens, Email.


“I’m blown away by the quality of the material, the concise explanations, and the complete lack of “fluff”. This is a no b.s well thought out serious program for serious results.”
Ted, Email.


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“Saw impressive strength and size gains. Good job.”
Abdalaziz, Facebook.


“Thank you for this incredible workout and congratulations on its success. I have learned a lot about my body and have made great progress.”
Andrew, Facebook.


“The program is very well written and succinct. One phase can easily last 3 months.”
Ariel, Email.


“I was concerned I would lose strength doing just body weight but was still able to bench close to my previous max after a month away from gym”
Chidiya, Email.


“I wanted something I could do anytime and anywhere and felt your program would be a good fit.”
Justin, Email.


“The program was very clear and easy to follow, with enough variety to keep training sessions interesting and challenging.”
Lawrence, Email.


“I’ve never seen strength gains like this with any other bodyweight exercise program I’ve done. If you’re looking to get stronger without weights and little equipment, this is the most potent approach you’re going to find”
Jonathan, Email.


“It has changed the way I will train the rest of my life.”
Brad, YouTube


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