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Body By Rings

If you’re looking to build solid muscle with gymnastic rings, Body By Rings includes clear instruction and high quality videos that will take you there. Spanning 18 weeks in total and including a full video portal containing over 40 exercise demonstrations, Body By Rings is one of the most comprehensive ring training programs online.

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Satisfied customers:

I can’t tell you how outstanding your programs are, especially Body By Rings with detailed videos, ebook and spreadhseets. Your programs gave me a way to put a “new to me” and very challenging workout on autopilot.
Just show up consistently, follow the program and see results. – Ted, email.

It’s one of a kind and the only I know of with regards to building the upper body with rings. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends. – Matthew, email.

The quality of the production videos is second to none, as is the accompanying text. Excellent product, excellent service, excellent value for money, and a real pleasure to work with. – Joe, email.

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Limitless Legs

Limitless Legs is a self-paced training guide that shows you step-by-step how to get bigger and more aesthetic legs with your bodyweight. With enough workouts to last you 12 months and a complete training portal at your fingertips, never be asked if you’ve skipped leg day ever again. Zero equipment needed.

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limitless legs

Satisfied customers:

I was skeptical because I believe BW is too easy for leg gains. Boy was I wrong! It felt like I was using muscles I never used before. You made leg training enjoyable again and all the knowledge you provide is priceless! – Jan, email.

The fact this program allows you to progress in the comfort of your home is a huge bonus for people with very little time to spare. – Alon, email.

E-book answered all my questions, the progressions really are limitless. Truly a great gift to have in my training. – Tyler, Instagram.

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Bodyweight Evolution

The complete guide to building muscle with your bodyweight in only 12 weeks. Learn how to correctly perform bodyweight exercises so that muscle growth and progress is maximized. Featuring a 40 page eBook containing 129 pictures, learn the art of bodyweight training from two practitioners whose combined experience spans over 20 years.

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Satisfied customers:

I’ve lost about 3-4kg without changing my eating at all (I eat more now) and I have grown a lot stronger. – Mark, email.

I feel leaner, my girlfriend has noticed my arms look bigger. – Jay, email.

I have seen some very good results, in overall strength balance. This was a fun program to do. – Stefan, email.

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