Bodyweight STRONG

Previous workshops


The FitnessFAQs international tour has begun in SE Asia.

Bali 23-24/2/2019 


Presenting the Bodyweight Strong course to a diverse group of bodyweight enthusiasts.

Newcastle 18/11/2018 

Singapore 14-16/7/2018


Hong Kong 10/2/2018

Bodyweight Blueprint Christchurch 13-14/1/2018

Bodyweight Blueprint Christchurch

2017 – Australian Tour (with Simon Ata)

Daniel and Simon teamed up for the first time in 2017 to teach their method throughout Australia. The Bodyweight Blueprint course is for the person looking to further their understanding of bodyweight exercises, program design and injury prevention.

Bodyweight Blueprint Melbourne 15/1/2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Melbourne 15.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Brisbane 22/1/2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Brisbane 22.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Sydney 29/1/2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Sydney 29.1.2017

2016 – Melbourne Workshops

In 2016, Daniel Vadnal began teaching bodyweight training workshops in Melbourne, Australia. We focused primarily on teaching the exercises and techniques detailed in our Body By Rings and Bodyweight Evolution products.

Introduction to Ring Strength Melbourne 23/4/2016 

Introduction to Bodyweight Fitness 21/8/2016

Hire Daniel to speak at your gym, university or business. Topics range from bodyweight strength, program design, mobility/flexibility, physiotherapy and bodyweight skills. Contact us and a workshop can be designed to accommodate your needs.