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2018 – Bodyweight Blueprint New Zealand Tour (with Simon Ata)

Due to popular demand, Daniel Vadnal and Simon Ata return to teach the Bodyweight Blueprint workshop in New Zealand.

When: January 13th – 14th 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)
Where: Primortal – 193 (unit 4) Waterloo road, Christchurch, New Zealand 8042
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm (1 hour lunch + 2 small breaks) on both days
Cost: $399 Early Bird*, $499 Full Fee.
*Ends 13th Dec
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Course Details:
Daniel and Simon have collaborated to create Bodyweight Blueprint. This event is a comprehensive 2-day workshop covering strength, flexibility, skills and program design for the bodyweight athlete. The course will empower you with the tools to maximise your performance and minimise risk of injury.

In the strength module progressions and regressions will be shown for those looking to master the elusive one arm chinup. A systematic approach will be laid out teaching you how to develop the shoulder strength necessary to do handstand pushups. A multitude of supplementary bent arm pressing and pulling exercises will be explained allowing you to continue growing stronger. Essential core specific movements will be demonstrated to maximise your control over your body. Exercises will be taught for beginners through to those of an advanced level.

Daniel and Simon will also be covering the blueprint to mastering bodyweight skills. Drills will be shown taking the guesswork out of achieving a freestanding handstand. Our method is safe and effective for those who are new to inversion and will give you the peace of mind to approach the handstand with confidence.

The most effective exercises and training approach will be taught for the planche, L-sit, muscle up, front and back lever.

A significant amount of flexibility is required to safely and effectively progress in this style of fitness. Potent physiotherapy techniques for increasing range of motion will be taught including loaded stretching and PNF.

Bodyweight blueprint is a mix of practical and theory. Daniel and Simon do not hold back when they teach. Bodyweight Blueprint will empower you with the knowledge to confidently structure your own training programs and progress at your own pace.

The workshop will conclude with a Q&A session.

This workshop is suitable for all ability levels. The content is also geared towards personal trainers and therapists. Terminology is taught in an easy to digest manner.

The event is limited to a maximum of 40 participants. Please be sure to book your spot well in advance if you would like to participate. Previous events have sold fast.

What to bring:
Lunch, water bottle, notebook and pen.

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Previous workshops


2017 – Bodyweight Blueprint Australian Tour (with Simon Ata)

Daniel Vadnal and Simon Ata conducted three full-day workshops targeted at beginners wanting a blueprint for their future bodyweight/calisthenics training. Workshops were conducted over the span of three weeks in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Bodyweight Blueprint Melbourne 15.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Melbourne 15.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Brisbane 22.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Brisbane 22.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Sydney 29.1.2017

Bodyweight Blueprint Sydney 29.1.2017


2016 – Melbourne Workshops

In 2016, Daniel Vadnal began teaching bodyweight training workshops in Melbourne, Australia. We focused primarily on teaching the exercises and techniques detailed in our Body By Rings and Bodyweight Evolution products.

Introduction to Ring Strength Melbourne 23.4.2016 

Introduction to Bodyweight Fitness 21.8.2016

Hire Daniel to speak at your gym, university or business. Topics range from bodyweight strength, program design, mobility/flexibility, physiotherapy and bodyweight skills. Contact us and a workshop can be designed to accommodate your needs.